‘origin tale’ sung-POETRY PERFORMANCE @ TBA:17

A poetry performance of "Origin Tale" (from the "East/West" song-cycle) for Time-Based Art Festival 2017, part of a collaborative poetry performance event, “15m=?" Curated by Samiya Bashir (& also with Shayla Lawson, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Roland Dahwen Wu). 9/12/17.


Performers on "Origin Tale" :
Dao Strom - voice & keys
Barry Brusseau - guitar & ambience
Roland Dahwen Wu - video projection


(Live video filmed by Kyle Macdonald)




Mountain mother
mourning all her rivers
that flow with the blood   
     of soldiers
the children who remain   
     pick up the pieces
they plant the seeds

Dragon father
you always were so restless
so you took half of
     the children
& you led them south to
     the seashore
where you taught them

Mother she is crying
but her tears fall as drops of ink
so Mother she cries a newspaper
& her sorrow is only

tell me what to feel
because I don't know
what is Real
t.v. communicates our Rage
but a death count
is all that speaks
our Sadness

Sister she searches high & low
for her brother she once knew
in the North
& Brother he writes long letters
home   is a flag not but
a piece of cloth?

Tell me what you saw that night
when the bomb fire mingled
with the starlight
thought I was witnessing
the end of my Time
but then I learned that
the guilty survive    We survive

We will suffer no more
We will not carry your war

<i once wore your war
                                             like a robe
                                             like a road    i've been down before
                                                                                                                         like a road   i was lost on>

(from East/West, 2015)