Precarious / Submission


New songs from forthcoming project, 2017.

Recorded by Barry Brusseau for Gorbie International Records.

"Precarious" :
Vocals, guitar - Dao Strom
Electric guitars - Barry Brusseau

"Submission" : 
Vocals, guitar, keys - Dao Strom
Guitar Effects - Barry Brusseau
Bass/Bowing - William Joersz
Male Vocals - St. Even (Steve Hefter)

With thanks to Jon Ransom for the recording house.


East / West


A 2-EP album and companion work to the memoir, We Were Meant To Be a Gentle People.

These songs cross countries and cultures. They are sung from one shore to the other, messages sent east to west and back west to east. The narrator of these songs is a lone woman traveler, a traveler who has been traveling a long while now. She travels through memory as well as through history. On the road behind her unwind ribbons of forgetting: a lost country, forgotten fathers, forgotten poetry, reverberations of past wars.