"The Assassin's Wife" a Finalist for Octopus Books 2019 List

A little bit of love for my poetry manuscript, The Assassin's Wife, from Octopus Books... It was one of 8 finalists out of 300-some manuscripts considered in their latest reading period. My gratitude to the kind readers at Octopus. The finalist manuscripts included: 

Hogg Book by Kiik Araki-Kawaguchi
Nothing is Wasted by Shabnam Piryaei
The Assassin’s Wife by Dao Strom
This is the Fireplace, Eleanor by Scott Schwalenberg
Punctured Body is a Home by Gustavo Barrera
Calderón, trans by Kathleen Heir
Huge Cloudy by Bill Carty
Things That Go by Laura Eve Engel

Two of those manuscripts will be published by Octopus in early 2019: Things That Go by Laura Eve Engel + Huge Cloudy by Bill Carty.

I'm honored and moved to have my little book make it this far in the reading rounds, and in such good company. It's my first all-poetry/long-poem endeavor and occupies a particular emotional territory I've been exploring through some songs as well; one of those is here...