by The Sea & The Mother

+++ These songs cross countries and cultures. They are sung from one shore to the other, messages sent east to west and back west to east. The narrator of these songs is a lone woman traveler, a traveler who has been traveling a long while now. She travels through memory as well as through history. On the road behind her unwind ribbons of forgetting: a lost country, forgotten fathers, forgotten poetry, reverberations of past wars. She has been a child of circumstance, a witness. The woman sees history and she questions it, sometimes laments it, asks why we do not sing of it. She sings to break the silence - and in hopes the messages she has harbored out of distant places might now be heard in the new places she passes through.

"Crossing mediums, genres and historical mythology, The Sea and The Mother is an incarnation of Dao Strom’s perpetual creative impulse. In her latest EP, We Were Meant to Be a Gentle People, emotive vocal melodies and ambient frequencies are balanced with a folk sensibility that carries a melancholic undertone in its subtleties. Accompanied by a compilation of poetry, artwork and writings on Vietnam, the release flows evenly through six songs that feel dynamic, meditative and honest in their presentation. Listening to the EP is a unique experience and, above all, is representative of an artistic drive that defies traditional categorization." --- The Deli Magazine

“The spacious, haunting quality of the music and Dao’s vocals blend in a seamless artistic work. Music doesn’t have to bear a hook, a trick or slap you in the face with irony and wit; it simply has to move you. And Dao Strom will move you from East to West and back again with this lovely and powerful work.” ---