Flower Diatribe #1 (poetry performance/video)

"Flower Diatribe #1"

This poetry-performance was presented live only once at Reed College (Reed Visiting Writers Series, Fall 2016). A small platform was erected with poles in each corner; when paper was wrapped around the poles, it formed a box. Video was projected onto the ‘paper box’ while the poet recited the poem from within the box, gradually being covered from view by the paper-wrapping process.

A separate video performance of the poem and process was made in collaboration with Roland Dahwen / Patuá Films. (That is the video you see here.)


FLOWER DIATRIBE #1 was published as a hybrid-poetry / cinema-poetry piece in Poetry Northwest on 10/30/2017, and was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize in Poetry.




Performers / Collaborators :

Dao Strom - poem; audio recording & editing
Barry Brusseau - ambient sound
Roland Dahwen Wu - filming & editing; projection video
Kyle Macdonald - set construction; man in white suit


Video stills credit: Patuá Films


Platform-building process
Oct, 2016